Thursday, 20 January 2011

CO, CC - Blue Velvet Deconstruction

  • The blue background of the introduction screen signifies a possible low temperature, but it's main purpose is to link with the title, as it has a blue velvet backdrop
  • The credits are in a regal and elegant font
  • Stately music begins to play, although it has an essence of fear hiding behind it, a possible sign of what yet's to come
  • The shot pans downwards to a bed of contrasting flowers, all of which are portrayed in really bright colours. There are different types closely positioned however, which could signify conflict.
  • One of the strongest points to note in the opening scenes of Blue Velvet is that, contrastingly, there is a flowing theme of red, This notion is manifested in objects seen in the intro, such as a red lamp, a red car, people wearing red clothes, a red fire engine, a crossing lady with a red sign, roses and more. This has two possible meanings, either one of blood/death/murder, or romance, both of which have a large part to play in the film
  • Throughout the opening, plenty of bold, striking colours are used to catch the reader's eye. 
  • There is a quick cut to a point of view shot, presumably through some animal's line of vision. This adds suspense as eerie music plays throughout

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