Wednesday, 19 January 2011

CO - American Psycho Intro Deconstruction

  • The opening credits are set in simple and black text, on a clean white background
  • There is stylised blood dripping on-screen, to denote the violence that impacts the film later
  • There is a somewhat eerie and suspenseful music, whenever blood drips down from the top of the screen, a staccato of music pronounced 
  • The writing of the credits fates subtly in and out 
  • Classical music starts playing louder and less subtly. This adds a more elegant theme to the opening credits
  • The blood becomes even more apparent, striking and bold, and begins splattering on the base of the screen as the title of the film begins to fade in
  • The blood fades away from the screen and a plate of meat appears, and is promptly chopped by a knife. This hints at the idea of murder and killing which is the main theme of American Psycho 
  • There is food being served, and it becomes obvious that the setting is that of a restaurant 
  • Waiters are presented, and talk to unidentifiable people about what the restaurant has to offer
  • The camera cuts to three characters talking, one of which is Patrick Bateman, the main antagonist and main character of the film 

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