Monday, 31 January 2011

ALL - Update to Running Title

We have decided to edit the running title of our production to Torment: Dreamscape. This is because we found out that the title we had chosen prior to this one, Dreamfall, had actually been taken by a game development team who had made products within the cut-off point of 7 years, so it was void. Both "torment" and "dreamscape" were chosen by us unanimously because we thought both choices fitted with our psychological theme very nicely. We couldn't pick just one as we liked both the same amount, so we decided to incorporate both words into our title.

We also thought of some possible layouts, and taking inspiration from the band TesseracT's logo, we started designing ideas. The band's logo is stylized to have two capital T's, and we thought of using this idea to design the word "torment" with.

This is only a quick draft to prove the point, but the finished title should look something similar to this: 

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  1. Nice post...but I take it you meant WORKING title?!
    make sure your group is aware of this!!!


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