Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sorority House Massacre Deconstruction

Deconstruction of "Sorority House Massacre"

Sorority House Massacre

Long opening credits with tense music building up - 1.17 minutes long
-Picturesque house
-Extremely slow zoom in as credits play
-Credits are sans-serif font
-Creepy, eerie and suspenceful music
-Wind blowing un the trees signifies presence
-White house with all the lights on

When the title of the film appears
-Traditional greek lettering for a sorority
-Then "massacre" is shown with blood-red colour, serif font, blood splatter - Sets the theme of the film
-Futuristic sound effect when "massacre" is revealed, building up tension

-Cuts to medium close up of main character in hospital, in the bright daylight
-Shot changes to midshot/2 shot of main character and the new entered character
-Flashback cue
-Creepy, scene setting music begins to play again
-Camera tracks footsteps- Low angle shot
-Door of the big white house is ominous and forboding
-Zooms in on another character sleeping- this hightens tension as footsteps are also heard
-There is a shadow next to the bed; someone is leaning of the character
-Scene cuts to a tracking shot of the empty sorority house - signifies lonliness
-Zooms in on character again; death is imminent
-Camera tracks through dark, creepy hallways
-Cut back to main character, close up to show fear
-Figure in bed
-Scene cuts to main character and new one- mood is lightened temporarily
-Camera looks downstairs, long shot of a girl in the doorway
-Music/atmosphere rises
-Man in the bed wakes up- Extreme close up of his face
-Blood- curdling scream from room- camera zooms out quickly
-Cut to 2 characters in daylight - midshot
-Final shot of little girl again

-A blue tint may have been used to create a dark effect

-Tense music throughout to create the illusion that something bad is going to happen
-it becomes fast and upbeat during parts to get the audiences hearts racing

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