Thursday, 4 November 2010

Deconstructing 12A's Microdramas: "Footsteps" - Emily Moore and Charlotte Barraclough

After the credits, the drama is quick to include and establishing shot. which in this case is a tracking, over-the-shoulder shot featuring the possible hero (Charlotte) and the donor (Emily). It also includes two of Propp's archetypes, which the donor gives the hero (or main character) a magical object, which in this case is a necklace. This scene also includes the first stage of equilibrium too, as the outset of the film is established. 

The following scene depicts the main character walking off after being given the necklace, and then three people chasing after her sneakily. This shot features a low/floor mid shot of the villain's feet. This is used to portray a narrative enigma as to who is following the hero, although we do actually find out later on the the film. Throughout the scenes, the creators and editors have used digetic sound, ie only natural sound is used, and it is implemented to create tension and to make the viewer more aware of what is happening between the characters. This part also establishes the second stage of equilibrium, in which a disruption is caused by action. 

The next scenes follow the villains pursuing the main character, and being visible, removing the previously laid narrative enigma. Zooming of the camera lens is also used to add to the tension. A transition is then used to signify a new part in the film, with the possible hero and the helper (Mel) being continuously stalked by Sophie and Faye who are portraying villains, with the probable intent of stealing the necklace from the main character (Charlotte), even though there were 3 sets of feet at the beginning. The mid-shot confirms that the hero knows of her pursuers, upon which they flee, using a medium to long shot, and the equilibrium is resolved. 

The target audience could be anyone who is able to understand the plotline, as there is no graphical content or swearing eg, so I would have thought that a suitable audience could be 11+ would be a suitable audience. Possible inclusions of social implications could involve the way there is a problem with crime in the country at the moment, what with the way Sophie and Faye portray two thieves. Possibly. 

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