Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Lessons learned from our Micro Drama

1. Getting organised: It is vital that all the documents etc used in the creating of the Microdrama are readily available, so you now when to shoot, what to shoot and at what time, so everything is made easier

2. Make sure everyone knows what they're doing as to avoid confusion and to ensure you can film without any problems as to who does what

3. How to use a camera, eg videoing, panning, tracking, high shots and low shots etc

4. Make sure your choices for location cause no problems, eg wind blocking out dialogue

5. How to use iMovie to edit, add titles, transitions, sound effects and music

6. Learning to incorporate Propp's archetypes

7. Learning to incorporate Todorov's states of equilibrium

8. Make sure the best actors get the most crucial parts

9. Making sure to include binary oppositions

10. Don't forget to add extras to the video for higher entertainment value

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