Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation Q5 - How did you attract/address your audience?

This evaluation question links in heavily with our target audience. Once we had successfully determined who would be suitable for our audience, and who would be the most interested in watching our film, we started to think in a group about how would we would attract and address them. For example, we made sure that we included certain factors in our film that would attract the chosen target audience.

Here is an annotated video of one of our cuts on YouTube. We are still deciding what factors to use from it in a newer cut, which things we will keep in, what we'll take out, or whether or not we'll even use a newer one at all, because from what audience feedback we received, this was the one that was revered the most, and it was also the one that we all agreed was the best, after creating newer cuts. The annotations within the video are based upon factors that have been included to ensure that the audience would be attracted to the film, through areas such as representation, entertaining mis-en-scene, aspects of verisimilitude and intertextuality to interest and address the public.

NB - If the annotations move too quickly at some stages, simply pause the video.

In addition, the protagonist's character and personality is intentionally untouched upon, and we used this to create a narrative enigma, thus leading the audience to wonder about him and possibly sympathize OR  retract to his character. This is an example of how we are attracting the audience, as we are trying to interest them in the protagonist's reclusive yet intriguing persona. We also intentionally left out music, as we thought that it would interfere the dripping and the child's laughs that ran throughout the whole scene. We made this choice because we thought we would attract and address the audience more if we made some parts of the production quieter and more intimate than they would be if we had music detracting from the atmosphere. 

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