Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation Q4 - Who would be the audience for your media product?

Here is a podcast detailing the use of research and development on points concerning the target audience:

There are also other points concerning the target audience that our product is aimed at/suited for. In addition to the two cores, and the representation, we have also made sure that we included things that would appeal to our audience. For example, we knew that our product would mainly appeal to the male sector of the viewers, so we made sure we included violence and mystery, which is typically within male interest. As previously mentioned, we also made sure we followed the convention of the main character being bewildered and confused, much like the protagonist in Donnie Darko.

We also studied various websites, such as IMDb and the BBFC website to determine what certificate our film would be, and how it would affect the range of our target audience. As I say in the podcast, we mutually agreed that our group would fall under the 15+ certificate, due to violence, death and blood. This obviously narrows the possible target audience, even though people under the age limit would probably not be interested in the film anyway.

In addition, we also took into account the male gaze theory, and used it in the form of the opposite sex, i.e a strong male lead character. This is signified by his casual dress sense and disheveled appearance, and we deliberately included this to attract the female gaze, as it were, that somewhat defies convention of having an attractive female character, and therefore increasing the target audience to a more female reach as well as the male one.

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